Teal-line Robots Series: Smart Building IoT & Robotics Scenario Slides (editable PPTX)

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Teal-line Robots Series: Smart Building IoT & Robotics Scenario Slides (editable PPTX)


What can I use them for?

Ideal for "non-designer" presentation users who need to quickly compose and build up robotic scenario slides for Smart Buildings.

Easily edit the provided mega Smart Building scenario slides by re-positioning, re-scaling and rotating the robot and person objects. Drag and drop robot and person objects from other slides in the deck to compose your scenario slide.

What's in the PPTX edition?

The product Teal-line Robots Series: Smart Building Scenario Slides (editable PPTX) is in *.pptx format and contains

  1. 12 slides with 1 sample whole building scenario slide and 3 floor scenario slides
  2. Mega smart building scene with a rich furnished interior environment.
  3. 12 robot object variations that are specialized for smart building purposes
  4. 16 person object variations for you to drag and drop into a scenario slide
  5. Easily editable scenario slide by rotating, re-scaling or re-positioning robot and person objects.
  6. Compose your custom scenario slide with ready-made robot objects and person objects.

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1 editable PPTX file with the smart building mega-scene and movable robot & objects to enable you to compose custom scenarios.

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