Teal-line Robots Series: Smart Building IoT & Robotics Scenario Illustration (editable SVG & PNG templates)


What can I use them for?

Beautiful and busy smart building scene with IoT sensors and robots - ideal for IoT/robotics/smart building-themed presentations in tech decks, whitepapers, article covers, websites, social media campaigns and event images/banners/collaterals.

Editable vector drawings enable you to adapt and customize the scene powerfully.

Transparent PNG images and templates enable you to quickly compose a smart building scene easily in a presentation slide using slide editors such as Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides.

What's in the Package?

The package includes

  1. 2 x editable vector drawings of the complex Smart Building Scenario in (a) Whole Building View and (b) Exploded View in SVG 1.1 format
  2. 2 x image exports of (a) Whole Building View and (b) Exploded View 3840x2160px in PNG format
  3. 15 x editable robot vector objects in SVG 1.1 format, with corresponding image exports of the robots with various pixel widths and pixel height of 2160px in transparent PNG format.
  4. 7 x PNG templates of whole buildings and each floor (each floor having 2 templates – one with robots and one without robots)

Content License

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Beautiful detailed smart building scene with IoT sensors and robotics in editable vector format (SVG) and transparent PNG templates ready for use in slide decks

Scenario illustrations (SVG)
Scenario Robots (SVG)
Scenario Robots (transparent PNG)
Scenario templates (PNG)
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