Telepresence Robots Collection White Edition (PNGs only - 48 images)

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Telepresence Robots Collection White Edition (PNGs only - 48 images)


What can I use them for?

Ideal for use in tech presentation decks, whitepapers, article covers, websites, social media campaigns and event images/banners/collaterals featuring Telepresence Robots.

Sample Usage Illustration

What's in the Collection?

Our Telepresence Robots Collection (PNGs only) includes

  1. 48 x well-crafted robot images in transparent PNG format of approximately 1200x3500 pixel resolutions (subject to specific image, width can range from 1000-1400px and height can range from 3300-3600px approximately).

Alternatives that you may also consider

If you wish to modify the source robot vectors directly, you may consider buying the Telepresence Robots Collection White Edition (Full version: PNG & SVG), priced at $19.80 only inclusive of a FREE scenario illustration for telepresence robots (view product).

Variations of the Telepresence Robot Design

The Telepresence Robots are created in different variations to cater for different use cases, including:

  • 3 x orientations - front-facing, tilt-left facing, tilt-right
  • 2 x display screen types - landscape, portrait
  • 3 x display screen image - blank, female caller, male caller. These images are provided in raster and you can replace them with photographic images of real callers or illustrations that fit your specific use case
  • 2 x robot spine types - thick spine, pole spine
  • 2 x wheelbase types - exterior wheels, hidden wheels

Content License

In purchasing and using our design resources, you agree to the terms of our Content License at https://techobjects.io/dali.

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I want this!

48 well-crafted Telepresence Robot images in transparent PNG format

Telepresence robot images (PNG)
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