Telepresence Robots Collection White Edition (Full version: PNG & SVG - 48 objects)

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Telepresence Robots Collection White Edition (Full version: PNG & SVG - 48 objects)


What can I use them for?

Ideal for use in tech presentation decks, whitepapers, article covers, websites, social media campaigns and event images/banners/collaterals featuring Telepresence Robots.

Sample Usage Illustration

What's in the Collection?

Our Telepresence Robots Collection includes

  1. 48 x well-crafted vector objects in SVG 1.1 format
  2. 48 x corresponding raster images in transparent PNG format of approximately 1200x3500 pixel resolutions (subject to specific image, width can range from 1000-1400px and height can range from 3300-3600px approximately).
  3. 1 x useful scenario illustration in SVG 1.1 format depicting Telepresence Robots use cases, involving 7 robot objects and 6 human objects
  4. 3 x accompanying PNG templates (as-is, wordless and backgroundless) of the scenario illustration in PNG format in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)

Alternatives that you may also consider

If you are only interested in using the PNG images, you may consider buying the Telepresence Robots Collection White Edition (PNGs only), priced at $9.80 only (view product).

Variations of the Telepresence Robot Design

The Telepresence Robots are created in different variations to cater for different use cases, including:

  • 3 x orientations - front-facing, tilt-left facing, tilt-right
  • 2 x display screen types - landscape, portrait
  • 3 x display screen image - blank, female caller, male caller. These images are provided in raster and you can replace them with photographic images of real callers or illustrations that fit your specific use case
  • 2 x robot spine types - thick spine, pole spine
  • 2 x wheelbase types - exterior wheels, hidden wheels

Content License

In purchasing and using our design resources, you agree to the terms of our Content License at https://techobjects.io/dali.

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I want this!

48 well-crafted Telepresence Robot vector SVG objects, 48 corresponding transparent PNG images and 1 FREE scenario illustration in SVG format (along with word-less and background-less PNG templates)

Telepresence robot vectors (SVG)
Telepresence robot images (PNG)
Scenario illustration (SVG)
Scenario illustration template (PNG)
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